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Hero image for Country Calendar - Cow World

Country Calendar - Cow World

Television (Full Length Episode) – 1998

They don't like to think that people would spend so much money on meal and the whole operation, and if they did, how could they get a profit on it. But this farm has done a cost analysis and they've found that they're getting ... quite a significant percentage higher [return] than what you'd get in the bank or most forms of investment...
– Vet Tim Beauregarde on skepticism from neighbours and local farmers
...you know when you think about it, on a wet, cold day if we had an option between eating inside or eating out in the pouring rain, where would we prefer?
– Andrew Gurney on concerns over cows eating prepared meals inside sheds
I thought they were bonkers, to put it gently. They were going against everything the farming community was teaching, and here's these guys from Auckland that didn't know a lot about farming come up with these ideas. But it's turned totally around, and they've been right.
– Andrew Gurney on his initial reaction to new ways of dairy farming, early in this episode
Well I guess I'm a bit of a performer anyway. I like to clown around and enjoy myself and if I can take the mickey out of people without hurting their feelings I do so, and that's quite enjoyable, especially at show time.
– Andrew Gurney on his side job guiding tourists around Cow World