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Hero image for The Dance Exponents - Why Does Love? (excerpt)

The Dance Exponents - Why Does Love? (excerpt)

Television (Excerpts) – 2017

This excerpt from TV movie Why Does Love? captures a formative moment for legendary hitmakers Dance Exponents. In a Christchurch flat in 1981, Jordan Luck (Jordan Mooney) and the boys finalise a drummer wanted ad for their new band. Later on Luck's flamboyant style is clocked by fellow muso Dave Gent (Matariki Whatarau). Music store owner Charlie (comedian Jeremy Elwood) offers Luck some sage advice about band chemistry. Why Does Love? scooped Best Television Feature Drama, and scriptwriters Pip Hall (Jonah, One Lane Bridge) and Phillip Smith won Best Drama Script at the 2018 NZ TV Awards. 

Danny's line to me was that if it was acting and it seemed like acting, out it went, if it was script and read like script, out it went, and if it felt like it was being directed then out goes the director — 'Out goes me', he said.
– Jordan Luck on director Danny Mulheron's promise to him before filming TV movie Why Does Love?, Stuff, 13 July 2017