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Hero image for The Dance Exponents - Why Does Love? (excerpt)

The Dance Exponents - Why Does Love? (excerpt)

Television (Excerpts) – 2017

Danny's line to me was that if it was acting and it seemed like acting, out it went, if it was script and read like script, out it went, and if it felt like it was being directed then out goes the director — 'Out goes me', he said.
– Jordan Luck on director Danny Mulheron's promise to him before filming TV movie Why Does Love?, Stuff, 13 July 2017
There's nothing in there that isn't true. Some of the timelines have been moved, because it's got to go like that as far as a movie goes, but everything in it — I didn't see anything that we didn't do.
– Exponents bassist Dave Gent on Why Does Love? Stuff, 13 July 2017
There's a scene ... in which the then up-and-coming band lose $5000 of gig takings after leaving a guitar case full of cash lying around a hotel lobby. That's not quite true. According to Exponents singer Jordan Luck and bass player Dave Gent, the real amount they lost was closer to 28 grand — "and about another 60 in cheques," claims Luck.
– Exponents Jordan Luck & Dave Gent compare the TV movie to reality, Stuff, 13 July 2017
We were living quite hard, but it was fun...we would only play gigs where they'd give us free accommodation — that was basically it. If you could put us up for the night, we'd play in your place.
– Dance Exponent Dave Gent remembers the early days of the band, Stuff, 13 July 2017
I see a lot of bands come and go, made up bands, try hard bands — not that I'm saying you're trying too hard. Go for chemistry over technique any day.
– Music store manager Charlie (Jeremy Elwood) offers Jordan Luck (Jordan Mooney) some advice