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Hero image for Darryl. An Outward Bound Story - Series One

Darryl. An Outward Bound Story - Series One

Web (Full Length Episodes) – 2017

The early bird gets the worm. But the second mouse gets the cheese, mate.
– Darryl (Millen Baird) as he's carried off to the wharf with the rest of the Outward Bound clan in episode 10
Outward Bound has a huge alumnus and each person takes away their own story. This story is Darryl’s story.
– Millen Baird on Darryl: An Outward Bound Story, on the Outward Bound website
The series' closest point of comparison is perhaps the cult Australian movie The Castle — both have a hard case main character called Darryl, both are endlessly quotable, but most uniquely, they both have real warmth and affection for their weirdo characters ... an admirably uncynical and uplifting watch; a rare comedy gem.
– NZ Herald reviewer Calum Henderson, 31 March 2017
[After Outward Bound] things just slotted into place and my mindset changed ... I wrote a one-man show and toured the country. In 2006 when I did the second one, I approached the CEO at the time and I said 'If you put me on a course and sponsor me, I'll write a one-man show about it and I'll tour it' but I never did it. I couldn't figure out how to stage it and write it. so doing the series is kind of my love letter to Outward Bound and payback, 10 years after the fact.
– Darryl creator Millen Baird, in TV Guide, 25 March 2017
Busy is the worst kind of drug that fills people like you with an inflated sense of self.
– Sally (Shavaughn Ruakere) to Wendy (Rachael Blampied), in episode five
You got a long way to go to face your minotaur if he’s anything like me, Darryl.
– Fellow Outward Bounder Trent (Toby Sharpe) to Darryl (Millen Baird), in episode six
Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.
– Darryl (Millen Baird) quotes author Marianne Williamson, in episode nine