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Fender Bending

Television (Full Length) – 1989

This motors and mullets documentary focuses on a group who are obsessed by stock car racing. Shot by Stuart Dryburgh (Once Were Warriors) and Richard Scott, it follows a group of drivers and their crews and families, as they ready for Saturday night racing at Onehunga's Waikaraka Park Speedway. Hours are spent preparing and repairing the one-and-a-half tonne cars, which travel at up to 112 kilometres an hour in one of the few full contact motor sports. Passion, ego and cunning fuel the drama. Injuries and personal sacrifices are the price for the part-time petrol heads. 

Yeah well you don’t have a nice home, I don’t think. Well, speaking personally, because the money goes into the car.
– Enthusiast’s partner

Key Cast & Crew

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Chris Williams

Co-Director, Writer

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Stuart Dryburgh


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Chris Todd

Co-Director, Writer, Editor

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Chris Hampson


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Brent Burge

Sound Mix

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Richard Scott


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Produced by

Scrivener Productions