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Hero image for Frontline - Racist Revival

Frontline - Racist Revival

Television (Excerpts) – 1993

The first thing I remember my father ever saying to me when we arrived off the boat was not to react to the words 'ching chong Chinaman' and if I was to react then things would get worse.
– Historian James Ng recalls arriving in New Zealand with his family
Sometimes they copy your accent and call you 'ching', you know, slang.
– Chinese immigrant Queenie Chiang describes the casual racism she faces from some New Zealanders
I know in my heart...I think I was different. I was a proud Chinaman, I was proud.
– 83 year old Artie Wong Gye on his Chinese/Kiwi heritage, and facing down abuse
What happens with racism is that to knock another people you must first denigrate them.
– Historian James Ng on the wave of anti-Chinese propaganda in the media in early 20th century New Zealand

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