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Frost Over New Zealand - The Leaders Television (Full Length) – 1973 News/Current Affairs

Frost Over New Zealand - The Leaders

Television (Full Length) – 1973 News/Current Affairs

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A true statesman, non of our politicians of any party now can compare to this man.


Colin 5 Sep 2014 - 01.04pm

So sad that Norm Kirk didn't live to fulfill a vision of New Zealand politics that was sensitive, astute, considered, egalitarian and polite. All old fashioned stuff but I am sad that I am too young to have fully experienced his leadership (I was 14 in 1973). We could have had a different country had Big Norm lived longer, and I'm sure it would be a less divisive and selfish society than the one we have now. Where are the leaders like Norm today? We need them.


Murray 3 Sep 2014 - 02.53pm

Both excellent men, both so sadly wrong about the future. I liked that the interview focused mostly on substance rather than who's-up-who's-down, and that both men were diplomatic and polite but had actual answers to the questions. Clark and Key could take lessons from them!


Nick 2 Jul 2014 - 02.10am

Thank you


Doug 8 Jan 2014 - 09.58pm

I am in awe of what we lost. Look at the demeanour of John Key, who slurs the left like it is his favourite past time.


Mega 29 Dec 2013 - 11.56pm

The contrast between Kirk and Key on spying couldn't be greater. This is the difference between a statesman and an opportunist banker.


Allan 7 Sep 2013 - 05.51pm

That was great viewing. What a long way we've fallen since 1973.

Michael Gibson

Michael Gibson 2 Sep 2013 - 12.15am

RIP David Frost - God Bless You

Laurence Summers

Laurence Summers 1 Sep 2013 - 11.37pm

@Wayne: you'd be best to get in touch with TVNZ Archives to see if further Frost titles remain in the archive:

Paul Ward

Paul Ward (NZ On Screen team) 16 Jun 2013 - 08.18pm

David Frost also did two programmes on religion, one a general apnel discussion, the other an interview with Lloyd Geering. Does anyone have copies of those tapes or know where they are?

Wayne Facer

Wayne Facer 15 Jun 2013 - 05.39pm

We need to keep remembering like this

JOCE jesson

JOCE jesson 2 Oct 2012 - 05.17pm

They don't make them like Norm Kirk anymore. What a lovely, dearly loved Prime Minister he was.
An intelligent yet humble man, not out to be a superstar, like some today. Just there doing the job he was born to do.

Jeanette Campbell

Jeanette Campbell 25 Aug 2012 - 08.28pm

A sincere, intelligent, compassionate man, something you don`t see in politics anymore.


Carol 9 Aug 2012 - 01.54pm

Lovely to see this, Norman Kirk was a great Prime Minister: a man of integrity and a man who had compassion and cared about the ordinary New Zealand.

Suzanne Clark

Suzanne Clark 7 Aug 2012 - 11.21am

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