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Hero image for Gallery - Norman Kirk the First 250 Days

Gallery - Norman Kirk the First 250 Days

Television (Full Length) – 1973

Robert M
Robert M
18 Nov 2013 - 01.15pm
The general assumption of Kirk and his foreign affairs advisers in 1973 that the UKs influence and power was in rapid decline was exaggerated and partly reflects MFAts general left wing view. Few would think Heath particularly conservative now, much like the changed view of Malcolm Fraser and as both are disliked now by the right. I think Kirk and his advisers were surprised by Heaths victory in 70 and the fact that the RN and RAF remained relatively powerful forces until the apparent end of the Cold War and apparent collapse of the Soviet Navy in 1993. The holding up of substantial RN capability was partly due to the unexpected period callaghan was PM and the Falklands, but NZ and MFAT largely lost interest in the Navy and defence in the early 1970s, but the actual reality was that modest updating would have made the frigates suitable to operate with the RN till about 1992, but NZ didn't make the neccesary min mods for min RN frigate capability of updating with missile decoy chaff launchers, Link 10 and 11 ( data links NATO/USn sat Com), up to date helicopter missiles - so the frigates were ill equipped for safe useful ops with the Rn in the Falklands and the Gulf.
Kirk and Corner very were much persons no grate with the US due to the criticism of Operation Linebacker in which the US B-52s and gun cruisers Newport News, & Oklahoma City hit Nth Vietnamese cities and displacements immensely hard to secure both Nixons reelection and force Hanoi back to the peace talks. But for Watergate and the legislation against Presidential power Linebacker two would have occured in 1974 although inevitably protest would have been greater and direct mig strikes against destroyers and cruisers would have intensified.
The visit of Jane Fonda to the North Vietnamese from 17/7/72 doutblessly enraged Nixon and Kissinger and according to Fonda her party had to dive into shelter ditches many times as B-52 munition reigned down. Was Dicks striking back- it would be truly interesting to hear the uncensored Nixon/kissinger tapes. Maybe he even had views on Kirk and Corner. Certainly Time by early 1973 was devoting half its issues to the troublesome Southern Four Whitlam. kirl, Allende and the Argentine left.
16 Dec 2011 - 10.25am
Thanks for telling us Dave. There is definitely an issue and we're looking into it.

If you turn the HTML5 video player off you should be able to use NZ On Screen's video player to watch it.

Kim - NZ On Screen
15 Dec 2011 - 09.14pm
Can't seem to view this video at present, it loads on the mac but doesn't play. Anyone else?
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