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Gardening with Soul Film (Trailer) – 2013 Documentary

Gardening with Soul

Film (Trailer) – 2013 Documentary

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Hi Anne, really glad you liked the film. The saying is "Man who thinks it can't be done should not interrupt woman who is doing it". I have to agree!

Jess Feast

Jess Feast 21 Apr 2015 - 03.29pm

I loved the film. Saw it at our local film society in Melbourne. Can anyone remember the quote that was shown in the film - something like - 'while a man says it can't be done ..........a woman is already doing it'?


anne 20 Apr 2015 - 12.19am

I am going to meet this woman today in about an hour with an old friend of hers at the home of compassion- I feel like after watching this movie we have so many things to talk about... I am truly inspired.

teri oneilll

teri oneilll 6 Feb 2015 - 01.43pm

This film left me smiling and feeling uplifted. Beautifully made, the pace of
the storyline, photography and subject matter were all so well put together. Inspirational in such a confused and sad world we live in.
God bless Loyola and the talents of all those involved in the making of the documentary.

Alexandra Tuckey

Alexandra Tuckey 21 Jul 2014 - 12.12am

I have just viewed this delightful doco - she is a national treasure and so in touch and compassionate for people in her life. The overwhelming theme is LOVE in every aspect of her life and including her well tended and wonderful Soul Garden. We can all learn so much for this much respected and loved Sister Loyola.

Julia Gardner

Julia Gardner 16 Jun 2014 - 06.29pm

What a delightful film and a joy being in the presence of sister loyala for 90 minutes being soothed by her practical compassionate advice on living, perspective and gardening. A gentle humble and powerful story. A wonderful time to be sharing positive life affirming stories of hope and making a positive difference in the world. Good to share the story of their founder of the order suzanne Aubrey and the courage and vision of this woman who has touched so many lives. Such a refreshing contrast to the church stories dominated by blokes behaving badly!


Patricia 7 Jun 2014 - 10.02am

Wow, i just watched the shorts to Gardening with Soul. I am a Catholic that still practices however struggle with aspects of the church. This inspiring film speaks to me of compassion and accepting that the Church is a human institution that has over the centuries failed greatly at times. However, there are within its embrace countless wonderful examples of wisdom, deep love and service. I look forward to seeing the full film. Thank you

Gaike Knottenbelt

Gaike Knottenbelt 22 Nov 2013 - 09.02am

Congratulations on an inspiring film. The subject matter is treated with subtlety and sensitivity and the pace is refreshing: gardeners pace, reflective.
The film brings together so many things I love: the movement of the seasons, spirituality and positive ageing: all themes I have explored in my books. I'm about to post a recommendation for this movie on my books page:

Juliet Batten

Juliet Batten 20 Nov 2013 - 01.27pm

I met Sister Loyola last weekend, when I went for a walk up through her garden with friends, and she's wonderful. Inspiring and warm, and very humorous. I really need to see this film!


milla 31 Oct 2013 - 08.07pm

Hi Mirian: Gardening with Soul is currently screening in cinemas so there's no DVD available yet, but keep an eye on the film's facebook page / official website (see below for links) for details of a release.

Paul Ward

Paul Ward (NZ On Screen team) 30 Sep 2013 - 10.32am

Is there a DVD of this film? I would like to buy it. Loved the film itself.

Mirian Culpitt

Mirian Culpitt 30 Sep 2013 - 09.07am

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