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Gardening with Soul Film (Trailer) – 2013 Documentary

Gardening with Soul

Film (Trailer) – 2013 Documentary

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Should you find yourself wanting your faith in humanity buoyed up a little, may I direct you to Gardening with Soul, a lovely, gentle study of a year in the life of Sister Loyola, the 90-year-old chief gardener of Wellington's Home of Compassion. You will not encounter a more energetic person on film this year: a generational icon of pragmatic, cheerful, can-do Kiwi virtues.
– David Larsen, previews the NZ Film Festival programme in The Listener
I see it [the garden] as a mystery: life waiting to burst forth!
– Sister Loyola
In nature things that are dying off are really getting ready for the next phase of life. And that’s how I see it: I think that’s how spirituality helps you to see things.
– Sister Loyola
The garden is saying to me all the time: ‘life is evolving’, and if you are going to spend the last few years of your life worrying about how its evolving, then you're wasting your time. Just enjoy it. Makes sense?
– Sister Loyola