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Good As Gone

Damien Binder , Music Video – 2001

from the album Damien Binder (2001)

Following success with band Second Child, Damien Binder struck out on his own. 'Good As Gone' is a jangly rock tune from Binder's self-titled debut album.  The accompanying video sees Binder going corporate, one of three suits in a beige office — a shift from his grunge roots. Things change when the music kicks in: his companions have to restrain and wrestle him as he belts out the lyrics. There may be some organisation to the chaos though — they stop at half-time for orange slices and water, before others join the fray. Director Jonathan King has made videos for both Binder and Second Child.

While the ’90s saw a rash of Tarantino clone videos, this one seems to have taken the Tarantino style as an inspiration, but has done its own thing.
– Writer Robyn Gallagher, on the 5000 Ways to Love You website5000 Ways To Love You Blog, on the Good As Gold music video, 27 February 2013

Key Cast & Crew

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Marital Music Communication


Jonathan King