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Good Girl

Short Film (Full Length) – 2021

Welcome to another Good Girls podcast — where selfish becomes selfless!
– The host of the Good Girls podcast (Aidee Walker)
Good girl, Winnie, Good girl! You're such a good girl. You're such a good dog.
– The dog walker (Emma Draper) to dog detective Winnie
We gotta be mindful... or that stuff will smack us right in the face.
– The host of the Good Girls podcast (Aidee Walker)
Keep moving forward! Don't look back.
– The host of the Good Girls podcast (Aidee Walker)
Traces Of Nut have knocked it out of the park yet again with a film as unique and original as you are likely to see in the comp on any given year. Can we give best performer to Winchester Hewiberts the First please? In all seriousness though, Emma Draper did a terrific job carrying the film and leading the nine marvelous doggos around. Editing smooth as butter. I always love how Traces of Nut films are so well framed that you never notice the edit from one transition to the next ...it cannot have been easy managing all those loveable canines (and how did you get so many? To behave so well together??).
– 'Steelpotato' reviews the film, on the 48Hours website