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Hero image for The Grand Tour - Jeremy Wells with the NZSO

The Grand Tour - Jeremy Wells with the NZSO

Television (Full Length) – 2011

To become as good as you are on the violin it must require an intense amount of dedication that most people don't really understand. Do you ever look back on your childhood and think "I wish I sniffed more vivids" or went to the mall or anything like that?
– Jeremy Wells quizzes violin virtuoso Hilary Hahn
The programme features Berlioz's Symphonie Fantastique: an uplifting piece composed on opium in 1830, describing a promising young artist's ascent through unrequited love and drug psychosis to his death at the gallows.
– Jeremy Wells describes one of the symphonies played on the tour
Very very moving. I was just wanting to not talk to anybody — I just wanted to cry. To be here and to hear this and to see our guys on stage — it's so extraordinary ... For me to share in the happiness of seeing them play in this hall — I just had to do this.
– Super fan Gudrun Taylor on seeing the NZ Symphony Orchestra perform at Vienna's Musikverein
We were away for 23 days in total and in that time, the orchestra performed 12 concerts in five countries ... The halls that they were playing at all around Germany sold out, they had standing ovations, people loved them. Classical music is alive and well in Europe.
– Presenter Jeremy Wells in a Listener interview, 28 July 2011