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Hero image for Heartland - Wainuiomata

Heartland - Wainuiomata

Television (Full Length Episode) – 1994

12 Mar 2013 - 10.47pm
So cool... Loving families, great environment for kids, communities that play together, totally non-pretentious people, so much that I love about small town NZ
Bev Stephens
Bev Stephens
15 Oct 2012 - 03.02pm
Loved seeing the little girl eating a bowl of porridge and Mum preparing a cut lunch for her to take to school. What happened to those days?
26 Apr 2012 - 05.05am
Thats not Pow 6.42..
3 Apr 2012 - 08.07pm
The lovely Kristen and Thea at a Tupperware party - how cute - and you didn't even live in Wainuiomata!!!
30 Mar 2012 - 07.23pm
Piri Weepu at 6:42!
29 Mar 2012 - 11.19am
"You obviously haven't had one yet, but you'll know when you see it."

"I'll remember to order it next time I go to Cobb n' Co"

I laughed 'til I cried.
25 Mar 2012 - 03.05pm
This is not an accurate picture of Wainui. There are many different faces of Wainui and unfortunately your pick of families only represent a small part of the population. The League Club was awesome but maybe you shouldve dug deeper and come on a day where most of the population is there. The schools wouldve been great to look at. There is also a high population of indigenous Maori / Pacific Island population that wouldve been wonderful to do a story about. Wainui was a fabulous place to grow up in and I have wonderful memories there!!!
Daniel Merrill
Daniel Merrill
17 Mar 2012 - 09.04am
That's Piri alright!!
9 Aug 2010 - 08.04am
Yup that's Pow at the School Crossing
19 Jul 2010 - 11.36am
I thought it was him too!! piri weepu that is.
10 Jun 2010 - 05.20am
is that piri weepu holdin out the school sign???
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