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Hero image for High Road - Series Three, Episode One

High Road - Series Three, Episode One

Web (Full Length Episode) – 2016

I know Greg (Wise), her husband, and he loved the series, so I said, 'Hey, do you want to be in the third series? And do you think Emma would want to be in it as well?'
– Mark Mitchinson, on landing Oscar-winning actor Emma Thompson for High Road, The NZ Herald 7 November 2016
Only sheep shaggers and rugby players come from New Zealand.
– Emma Thompson (Emma Thompson)
She watched it and she loved it. It's not through agents and all the crap that surrounds that Hollywood thing, this was just a small little thing, playing herself...it was that lovely thing of her being up for it and wanting [to do it].
– Mark Mitchinson on Emma Thompson agreeing to act in High Road, NZ Herald 7 November 2016
Terry: do you really want to be one of those rock stars, who go ‘ra ra I’m so cool’, and no one has the guts to tell them it’s over?
– Emma Thompson (Emma Thompson) to Terry (Mark Mitchinson)