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I Spy (with My Five Eyes) Web (Excerpts) – 2016 Documentary

I Spy (with My Five Eyes)

Web (Excerpts) – 2016 Documentary

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The Five Eyes spy network was set up after WWll to monitor and share intelligence between the United States, Canada, Britain, Australia and NZ. According to this interactive documentary, the network sought a new justification for its existence after the Soviet Union's collapse, and found it in digital communications. Narrated by Lucy Lawless, I Spy aims to inform viewers about just what their local intelligence agencies are up to. Interviewees include journalist Nicky Hager and former NSA and CIA director Michael Hayden. I Spy was funded by a joint Canadian-NZ Digital Media Fund.  

It was going in this direction anyway, but 9/11 incredibly accelerated it. Once you got the terrorist attack here we became very unforgiving in not grabbing communications, and so we accelerated our ability, our, for want of a better word, invasiveness into communications networks, in which legitimate targets co-existed with legitimately protected communications.
– Former NSA director General Michael Hayden