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Intrepid Journeys - Vanuatu (Brendan Cole)

Television (Full Length Episode) – 2009

Jetlagged and dirty, ballroom dancer Brendan Cole roughs it in Vanuatu in this episode of Intrepid Journeys. A self-confessed fan of the finer things, Cole struggles to find his feet amidst the Vanuatuan way of life, while travelling to remote parts of the islands of Espiritu Santo, Malakula and Tanna. En route, he encounters copious quantities of things he's not so fond of: including coconuts, cassava and the world's strongest kava. Not the type to watch from the sidelines, Cole joins many a dance with village locals, and even lends a hand in dinner preparations, where (viewer warning) an unfortunate rooster meets its demise.

Santo is littered with World War Two remnants, but the most significant ones are actually under water.
– Brendan Cole describes Espiritu Santo, Vanuatu's biggest island

Key Cast & Crew

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Alex Hubert


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Deirdre Harkin

Line Producer

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Dean Cornish

Director, Producer

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Wayne Cook


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Brendan Cole


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Melanie Rakena

Executive Producer

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