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Hero image for Intrepid Journeys - Sumatra (Rachel Hunter)

Intrepid Journeys - Sumatra (Rachel Hunter)

Television (Full Length Episode) – 2012

In this episode of Intrepid Journeys, supermodel Rachel Hunter heads to the disaster-prone island of Sumatra. Off the coast of Singapore, the Indonesian island is a bustling hive of activity, and Hunter soon realises she is a world away from Los Angeles. She  begins her trip with a spot of whiplash on the dangerous roads, setting free a rare caged bird and meeting her very smiley guide, Smiley. The trip also includes a hike up a volcano before visiting the tsunami-ravaged and devout Muslim city of Banda Aceh. Animal lover Hunter revels in the sightings of endangered orangutan, but isn't too keen on possible death by leeches. 

...we all love the comforts of life, but the rawness of this kind of travel has really been very, very good for me.
– Rachel reflects on the trip, at the end of the episode

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