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Jean Batten - The Garbo of the Skies Television (Full Length) – 1988 Documentary

Jean Batten - The Garbo of the Skies

Television (Full Length) – 1988 Documentary

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Ihave always wanted to see this film. I contacted Ian Makersey around 3 yrs ago to tell him a little anecdote.........In Oct 1979 I had recently learned to fly and flew with a friend to the PFA rally at Cranfield. There were rows of small marquees occupied by various vendors. At the end of one row sat a lady at a small round table with a piles of books around her. I went over to see....It was Jean Batten,all alone. Nobody seemed interested in her and I had never heard of her.. I went over to her and we nstruck up a conversation about flying over a cup of tea together.....and she gave me a signed copy of her book...'Alone in the Sky. I have never forgotten that day...Tea with one of the greatest women aviators of all time. May she continue to rest in peace.

Richard Price,London

Richard Price

Richard Price 2 Nov 2012 - 03.14am

this was a great tv documentry, great books, great woman.

Chris Snabel

Chris Snabel 26 Jun 2012 - 10.24am

Having read her autobiography 'My Life' and searched around the internet archives, I cannot help but be absolutely astounded and impressed by her extraordinary achievements. Maybe she became a bit of a strange woman as a result, but she was certainly a brilliant aviator and would have needed to be very tough between her ears to achieve what she did. And we should be very proud that she she is one of our kind, a New Zealander.

Bruce Roy

Bruce Roy 20 May 2012 - 09.23pm

I own and fly an original 1929 Gipsy Moth as was shown in this wonderful aviation documentary about Jean Batten. Thank you so much for producing it.

Gary Sewall

Gary Sewall 20 Mar 2011 - 05.32pm

I met and spoke with Jean Batten during a visit to Motat in Auckland when I was a teenager. I didn't realize until many years later that this was a rare and privileged experience. Now I have my memories and her autobiography which she signed for me.

A Williamson

A Williamson 25 Aug 2010 - 08.15am

Great doc. Thanks for sharing!

Barbara Peterson

Barbara Peterson 26 Jul 2010 - 01.16pm

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