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Johnstone's Journey - Settling for Suburbia

Television (Full Length Episode) – 1978

In this fifth episode from his personal examination of New Zealand at the end of the 70s, Ian Johnstone explores the then new suburb of Massey in West Auckland — the latest instalment in what seemed, at the time, like an unending march of urban sprawl (which had already produced seemingly far-flung suburbs like Otara and Porirua). For Johnstone, Massey is an "infestation of houses", bafflingly lacking in community amenities. By turns wry, considered and accusatory, this masterful performance would have made him few friends in town planning circles.

The series was a staging point in my own journey too. It showed me there is nothing wrong with a reporter delivering his or her own opinions and feelings, as long as they can be justified, and can be given in the right place and at the right time.
– Ian Johnstone, in his memoir Stand and Deliver, page 142

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Television One (TV One)


Produced by TV One in association with the National Film Unit


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