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Kea - Mountain Parrot

Television (Full Length) – 1993

12 Nov 2014 - 04.28am
OMG, I love those birds!!! Thank you for this documentary, great insights. Thought, they would have only one egg a time!
29 May 2014 - 02.59pm
Excellent resource to use with my class, we learned a lot.
28 Feb 2012 - 06.56pm
Excellent video.
Zofia Prele
Zofia Prele
19 Sep 2011 - 06.19am
I'm in love with kea parrots. I liked this video very much - you can't see much of keas here in Poland but Zoo. I especially liked the family life insight. A nice piece of work both of keas and the cameramen. It's a pity that , again, humans are trouble for these birds. Fantastically smart creatures, inventive, playful. How sad that people are so greedy and smuggle them overseas. I was shocked with this scene in the film - dead keas, sedated keas...
Inform me about new films on keas. I am mad about parrots.
Thank you
23 Dec 2010 - 11.54pm
great vid
27 Oct 2009 - 04.01pm
Nice documentary, completely ruined by the constant fake noises. If it wasn't the snow being incredibly loud it was the fact that not a 5 second period went by without hearing there call! Very Very annoying!
Sam Firth
Sam Firth
27 Oct 2009 - 01.06pm
Love Maggie Koerth-Baker's words on boingboing today:

"Happy, little green parrot who calmly burrows through the still-living flesh of sheep and dines upon their kidney fat while they lay bleating in terror. No, really."

Nature is fierce.
Josh B
Josh B
27 Oct 2009 - 12.30pm
Wow those kea are mean! But I guess not too different from people in the end.
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