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Hero image for Keep on the Sunny Side

Keep on the Sunny Side

Film (Full Length) – 1970

Some people seem to think there is something a bit artificial about New Zealanders singing American folk music, but I reckon that's rubbish. It's music; you sing it because you want to sing it.
– Musician Frank Sillay
That was the first one that got well beyond being a banjo convention. The music was becoming more pop-folk oriented. There were some bluegrass bands ... but there was also jug music and soloists and it was much more of a folk festival.
– Musician Paul Trenwith on the 1970 National Banjo Pickers' Convention, Audioculture, August 2018
This investment will enable the archive to preserve areas of the nation’s film heritage which need urgent attention. Firstly we need to select works from our collection which have enduring cultural, historical or aesthetic importance for all New Zealanders.
– Former Film Archive Chief Executive Frank Stark on the Saving Frames restoration project, in a 13 September 2010 press release