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Penny Black

Film (Trailer and Extras) – 2015

Billed as "an unusual mix of realism and absurdity", Penny Black follows a materialistic supermodel (Astra McLaren) who is forced to become guardian to her superhero-obsessed sister. When the two set out from Auckland for Wellington so Penny Black can try to win back her modelling contract, they meet an anarchist who offers them a whole new angle on what really matters. Partly crowdfunded, partly improvised on location across the North Island, the chalk and cheese tale marked the big screen debut of Joe Hitchcock, who based it partly on road trips he'd taken as a teen.   

...we didn't decide exact locations before the shoot, so backgrounds were influenced by our seemingly random detours, and supporting actors were found on the road wherever we stopped.
– Director and co-writer Joe Hitchcock

Key Cast & Crew

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Joe Hitchcock

Director, Writer, Editor

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Fiona Jackson

Writer, Producer, Art Director

Generic Profile image for Sash Nixon

Sash Nixon

As: Lapwing

Generic Profile image for Morgan Albrecht

Morgan Albrecht

As: Anita

Generic Profile image for Toni Garson

Toni Garson

As: Alex

Generic Profile image for Astra McLaren

Astra McLaren

As: Penny Black

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Produced by

Jackson Hitchcock


Jackson Hitchcock


Soundtrack composed by the Scorelocks Collective, supervised by Jeremy Mayall