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Hero image for Loading Docs 2016 - 'Aka'ōu: Tātatau in the Cook Islands

Loading Docs 2016 - 'Aka'ōu: Tātatau in the Cook Islands

Web (Full Length) – 2016

This 2016 Loading Doc introduces a heavily-tattoed Englishman living in Rarotonga. Croc Coulter was an unlikely master of the traditional art of tātatau (tattoo); the documentary follows Coulter as he teaches the art form to an apprentice, Moko Smith. Coulter also lives with cystic fibrosis. It was directed by Robert George, who has Cook Islands Māori and Māori heritage, and a background as both a painter and in post-production work for the screen. The mini documentary was shared internationally; it also featured on National Geographic's Short Film Showcase. Coulter would die in January 2021.

They [the tools] don't belong to me and it [the tātatau knowledge] is something that's been passed down; it's my responsibility to ensure that it's in safe hands.
– Croc Coulter

Key Cast & Crew

Generic Profile image for Lucy Cole

Lucy Cole

Producer, Cinematographer

Generic Profile image for Robert George

Robert George

Director, Cinematographer, Producer, Producer, Sound Recordist

Generic Profile image for Gareth Van Niekerk

Gareth Van Niekerk

Sound Design, Composer

Profile image for Julia Parnell

Julia Parnell

Executive Producer

Generic Profile image for Anna Jackson

Anna Jackson

Executive Producer

Generic Profile image for Mathieu Fraser

Mathieu Fraser


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