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Hero image for Loading Docs 2019 - Operation: Rambu!

Loading Docs 2019 - Operation: Rambu!

Web (Full Length) – 2019

How can I not be grateful and happy to know that I had a chance to do all that.
– Kiwi actor Peter O'Brian on his action-packed past in Indonesia
I believe I was 1000 metres in the air, and I was so daring I hung on with one arm...
– Peter O'Brian talks about a helicopter stunt that could have gone so wrong
Anytime pal. You can find me round here. The name's Rambu...
– Rambu delivers a challenge
Look at Stallone when he was about to do Rocky, a lot of people laughed him off...
– Peter O'Brian on whether his acting days are over
...seven minutes in heaven for fans of cult and cheesy cinema
– Stuff reviewer James Croot, 5 September 2019