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Hero image for Loading Docs 2020 - Wahine Warrior

Loading Docs 2020 - Wahine Warrior

Web (Full Length) – 2020

I want to break that dependency. When families fall apart, the kids so often end up with the women. We need to make sure those women – especially in an economic crisis like Covid – are fine, that they can still feed their kids.
– Pania Tepaiho Marsh on why she teaches women how to hunt, The Guardian, 3 October 2020
By the time we were allowed to film, I was 33 weeks pregnant and worried I wouldn’t be able to haul my growing puku on a hunting trek, let alone film it.
– Director Emma Calveley on the effect Covid-19 had on her filming schedule, The Spinoff, 23 August 2020
We drive up to a hut that’s 120 years old. No cell phones, no kids, no wi-fi — it’s just your beers, your sisters, the fireplace and kōrero. It’s a beautiful, non-distracting bonding time."
– Pania Tepaiho Marsh in The Guardian, 3 October 2020
We want to try to rebuild people's mana, their strengths — not just hunting. Some who come [are] from abusive relationships and you can see they're defeated. But you see a difference at the end of it, and I'm so humbled to be able to witness it.
– Pania Tepaiho Marsh, in an interview with Stuff, 1 February 2019