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Hero image for Loading Docs 2015 - Wilbur Force

Loading Docs 2015 - Wilbur Force

Web (Full Length) – 2015

I miss the physicality of a match. I miss cheating and getting away with it.
– William McDougall, aka Wilbur Force
When Will started wrestling in 2009, he knew he’d found his calling. I had never seen him happier than when he was strutting into the ring, insulting the audience of young fan-boys, tearing up their signs, and punishing his opponents. That was until 2012, Will moved cities, stopped wrestling, and sunk into the unhappiest time of his life.
– Director J Ollie Lucks on his friend William McDougall (aka Wilbur Force)
A handful of years ago, if you were a fan of New Zealand pro-wrestling, you probably would have been familiar with Wilbur Force — the wrestling commentator who stepped out of the commentating booth and took to the ring. Wearing elaborate garb including an array of cloaks, waistcoats and crowns, Wilbur Force’s signature move was the ‘Big Man Body Slam’.
– From the Wilbur Force press kit