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Lost and Found: The Story of Cook's Anchor Television (Full Length) – 1979 Documentary

Lost and Found: The Story of Cook's Anchor

Television (Full Length) – 1979 Documentary

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What does he say at 6'22''-6'28''?
I get that it's something about the broad arrow on the biscuit, but not everything.


Gustavo 31 Jul 2018 - 01.42pm

Hi Matt. Cameraman Lynton Diggle — who worked on this documentary — told us that the anchor is now at Tahiti Museum. It also had a brief visit to Auckland when it was displayed during the Oceans weekend.

Ian Pryor

Ian Pryor (NZ On Screen team) 27 Mar 2017 - 05.04pm

Very interesting film. At the end of the film, David says he hopes to place the anchor at the airport in Tahiti. However, a Google search comes up with nothing so not really sure where it ended up. Be interesting to know its fate!

Matt Rolfe

Matt Rolfe 26 Mar 2017 - 09.05am

Thank you very much for making this available online!

I´ve wanted to see this film for a long time. Wonderful viewing all the way. Full of Lean´s filmmaking skills, in the editing and the wide shots of the ocean and the coastlines. The shot of pink shimmering on blue ocean is strikingly similar to a shot in Lean´s Summertime (1955).

Sadly, Lean never got the opportunity to make his Bounty film. Anthony Hopkins is very good as Bligh in Roger Donaldson´s film from 1984.

Stefan Andersson

Stefan Andersson

Stefan Andersson 11 Dec 2015 - 09.10am

The three Bounty documentaries that Lynton Diggle worked on are a fantastic look at the trials and tribulations some film makers go through to try and realise their dreams. My Father was the historical consultant who worked with David Lean on the research into ensuring the ship looked right. I shall never forget climbing on the masts when set up in Cowes at Harry Spencer's yard. I also post this in memory of Bernie Williams who was given the task of finally bringing the story to life in 1983/4. His one wish had been to see a follow on story brought to life. Having worked on that dream with him for the past three years. His passing is a great loss.

James Walters

James Walters 25 Jan 2015 - 07.12am

How wonderful to find this! I love Lean and Bolt's work, and I'm fascinated by their two-film H.M.S. Bounty project. Seeing this brings so much about their collaboration to life. It's great to see it again. Thank you very much.


Patrick 6 Aug 2014 - 05.28am

Thanks very much for putting this up, & such a clean copy as well, thought it was lost. Great to see such a record of that time when Lean & his team were 'on the beach' in Polynesia & looking for distractions.

Martin Reed

Martin Reed 21 May 2014 - 05.31am

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