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Lucy Lewis Can't Lose - Series Two

Web (Full Length Episodes) – 2017

Fresh from embarrassing the principal (Miranda Harcourt) on national television in season one of web series Lucy Lewis Can't Lose, Lucy Lewis (Thomasin McKenzie) discovers the school has gone Instagram crazy in series two. With her peers hooked on finding out who is labelled best and worst dressed, the fashion apathetic Lucy takes it upon herself to rid the school of this new cyberbullying…with some unintended results. When the whole school turns on her, Lucy's mates Ruby (Celia MacDonald) and Dave (Rāhiri Wharerau) help with a grand plan to set things right.

It's keeping you safe from unwanted attention with the added bonus of teaching you how to dress like ladies with class, in class.
– Ms Palmer (Miranda Harcourt) outlines the rationale for her draconian uniform rules

Key Cast & Crew

Profile image for Paul Yates

Paul Yates

Director, Producer, Script Editor

Generic Profile image for Amanda Alison

Amanda Alison

Writer, Editor, Producer

Generic Profile image for Rebecca Farr

Rebecca Farr

As: Isla

Generic Profile image for Jules Robertson

Jules Robertson

As: Lila

Profile image for Miranda Harcourt

Miranda Harcourt

As: Ms Parker

Generic Profile image for Allan Henry

Allan Henry

As: Mr Kinloch

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Redletter TV


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