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Made in Taiwan Television (Full Length) – 2006 Documentary

Made in Taiwan

Television (Full Length) – 2006 Documentary

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Wow tumeke boys. Was an amazing doco, learnt a lot, like you Nathan i was born mahesian, my mother was Rongomaiwahine, my father was Ngapuhi.

gary paul

gary paul 24 Mar 2015 - 01.14am

This is amazing! Like the Maoris, we Filipinos, also trace our ancestry from the indigenous tribes of Taiwan. The similarities of the physical looks and the languages are striking. In Tagalog (Pilipino) we say "tainga" for "ear" ("talinga" in Amis), "tae" for "poop" ("taki" in Amis), "taga-" for "from.../origin" ("taki" in Amis)... The old people (mostly in the countryside) also chew beetlenut. Cool. Thanks for sharing.

Ed Ga

Ed Ga 3 Nov 2013 - 12.41am

Now I know why I am mistaken as Maori & why on holidays in Hawaii all the locals thought I was local Hawaii boy. I liked it but didn't think anything of it.
My mum's maiden name is Aitken. She is a pakeha with fair skin & reddish hair, Scottish ancestry & not good in the sun.
My dad's family name is Shen. All his ancestors are mainland China (mandarin). He was born in Beijing, went to HK & finally boarding school in Christchurch after WWII.
Good Doco, well done all involved.

Soto Shen

Soto Shen 28 Jul 2013 - 02.36am

dg - Taiwanese natives come from the Indonesian region and the islands around it, according to Lin Ma Lee (think that's how you spell it) 80+% of Taiwanese have Indonesian region blood =)

Oliver Chang

Oliver Chang 5 Jan 2013 - 07.14pm


I know this is a bit late, but it looks like this is the full version. It's just been divided into 4 parts... the links to the other parts are located to the right of the video.


Maui 28 Feb 2012 - 08.43pm

Interesting doco - it leaves me wondering where these Aboriginals of Taiwan came from before settling Taiwan?


dg 31 Jan 2012 - 01.01am

@Nicole Just below and to the right of the video player you'll see a BUY IT tab, there are links there to places where you can buy this full doco on DVD.

12 Aug 2011 - 09.11am

Where can I find a full version of this documentary? Studying Maori migration for an assignment. Thanks. :)


Nicole 4 Aug 2011 - 08.08pm

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