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Māori Battalion - March to Victory Television (Full Length) – 1990 Documentary War Māori

Māori Battalion - March to Victory

Television (Full Length) – 1990 Documentary War Māori

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Hi Brian - you can follow Michael O'Conner's career here:

Paul Ward

Paul Ward (NZ On Screen team) 3 Jul 2014 - 05.28pm

Where is the cameraman these days - this is an outstanding work, I am not aware of anything recent he had shot. Brian Sarge Walden

Brian Walden

Brian Walden 3 Jul 2014 - 05.21pm

Humphrey Dyer,who was an O/C of the Maori Battalion was one of my teachers at Whangarei. He wrote a book called 'Ma Te Reinga', and I wonder if anyone has a copy they could sell me. Also knew Charlie Bennet when he was Manager of UMM hostel. Both great men I was privillaged to know.

Paul Evans

Paul Evans 27 Mar 2014 - 12.51pm

tena koutou he rangatira ma tenei te mihi kia koutou ma (Ernie Stephen me Tainui) ka puta te wairua i runga e au i te matakitaki ana oku whanaunga hika ma ka puta te hupe me te roimata hoki ...tangi tangi tangi reira he toku papa ko Whare Puita Akuhata Brown me ona tuakana raua ko Wetini me Hauraki Akuhata ratou ma i whawhaitia i te pakanga tua rua i te roopu Nga Tama Toa O Tumatauenga Kapene C no reira tino whetai au mo o koutou taonga...

Malcolm Akuhata-Brown

Malcolm Akuhata-Brown 16 Jan 2014 - 04.31am

A very moving and memorable experience. It pays homage to my mother's whanau and the three brothers lost during the defense of Crete and North Africa. Such brave young men.

Tehimana Ellis

Tehimana Ellis 1 Jan 2014 - 06.22pm

Thank you to all who created a priceless resource, There isn't a lot out there to draw from however much is embraced in this film. We will treasure it. Having my dad ( a 28 MB soldier) die when I was little meant I didn't have a lot of memories and experiences related to his war years to hold close. Having viewed this has filled a huge gap. As a teacher I have a responsibility to share their story with 'a tatou mokopuna'. This film captures all that it hoped to and will help us to 'REMEMBER THEM'.

Susan Dargie

Susan Dargie 28 May 2013 - 12.24pm

thankyou.... really beautifuly told...lots of tears.......bless our departed and living service men and woman who left our shores to free the world of tyrany. i shall be thinking of you on anzac ora..

lyman moriarty

lyman moriarty 23 Apr 2013 - 08.06pm

☼ Awesome lead up to my Anzac Parade morning, thank-you for sharing the ♥

Charles Perez

Charles Perez 23 Apr 2013 - 03.25pm

Thank you for sharing this. I really enjoyed it and makes me proud of our history and proud to be Maori even more.


Regan 9 Aug 2011 - 02.51am

This is an awesome way to mark their 50th anniversary, so many brave men committed their lives and whanau/families for their country

Sheryl Mac Pherson

Sheryl Mac Pherson 8 Aug 2011 - 03.05pm

This is so useful for my history assignment. Thank You for putting it up. =]

Bobby Correl

Bobby Correl 19 Mar 2011 - 03.47pm

E mihi nui ki a koutou katoa. Kia mahara tatou nga tamatoa o Te Ope Maori, rua tekau ma waru, i hingahinga ratou mo o tatou tikanga herekore.
It was a real privilege and honour to have been part of the film crew for this important documentary. Such a rich part of our history and a truly amazing story of heroism, told to us first hand by these five veterans of the Battalion. It was a pleasure to have met them.
No reira, haere e Kaitoa ma. Haere ra koutou kua wheturangitia ki te korowai o Ranginui. Moe mai, moe mai, moe mai i roto i nga ringaringa o Ihu Karaiti, hoki to tatou Kaiwhakaora. Haere, haere haere. Ratou ki a ratou; tatou ki a tatou. No reira, tena koutou katoa.
Andrew Ennever
Sound recordist.

Andrew Ennever

Andrew Ennever 15 Jun 2010 - 10.18pm

whakamauhara tatou kia ratou!!! what a awesome doc think ive seen this one yrs ago.

steve otene

steve otene 8 Jun 2010 - 12.59pm

Thank you for posting this wonderful documentary - a story that must never be forgotten. I even forgive the mispelling of my uncle's name - it's Charlie 'YM' Bennet (not Bennett) - a common mistake though he might be confused with the Commander, Charles Bennett. My uncle was the bloke who drove the canteen truck, Te Rau Aroha, & played just a small role in an amazing story. I remember my Dad telling me that his brother was in awe of the way the men fought & stuck together - that image has always been with me.
Thanks again.
Linda Bennet

Linda Bennet

Linda Bennet 17 Nov 2008 - 02.50pm

I'm so glad this has been posted, thankyou

Jonathan Teriini

Jonathan Teriini 26 Oct 2008 - 08.22am

I enjoyed watch this doco on the 28th Battalion and like to say how awesome it is to be able to watch this as I have never seen it before....

H Biddle

H Biddle 23 Oct 2008 - 11.26am

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