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Hero image for Media7 - Series Seven, Episode 13

Media7 - Series Seven, Episode 13

Television (Full Length Episode) – 2011

A lot of the media training I did was actually telling you how not to answer questions, how if they asked you a question they didn’t like, just answer another question and stick to answering that question. So I try not doing that.
– Roger Sutton, Chief Executive CERA
This is a really neat opportunity for us to collect a really large audio-visual archive of stories all about the same thing. And it’s got lots of potential purposes for the future. Some content based, so looking at how people feel about the earthquakes and deal with the earthquakes and their experiences. And some really geeky research based stuff that’s not even about the earthquakes. [Such as] how people tell stories ...
– Jen Hay, Director, Institute of Language, Brain and Behaviour, University of Canterbury
We’re not used to, in New Zealand, seeing ourselves in difficult times. And here we are under fire. And I guess [it prompts the question] who are we? What happens to us? Who do we become?
– Gerard Smyth, documentary maker