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Hero image for Memories of Service 3 - Daniel Herlihy

Memories of Service 3 - Daniel Herlihy

Web (Full Length Episode) – 2016

All of a sudden, just off our starboard bow, there was a huge fall of shot, splashes going up. And the captain of our gun got us young chaps, you know we were only 18 then; he pushed us underneath the cradle of the gun. Old Jock Purvis, a good guy for doing that for us.
– Daniel Herlihy
For the first time in my life I saw napalm. What an awful sight. I felt so sorry for the people who were underneath that jellied petrol. You see the bomb hit the ground and it spread out and this orange and black stuff came up...the smoke came up. What an awful sight. However I suppose that’s war.
– Daniel Herlihy
One of the things I particularly remember up the Han River, I had my 18th birthday up there. My 18th birthday was taken while I was loading a four inch gun and firing on the gun line up there at targets.
– Daniel Herlihy remembers his birthday