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Moon TV (series four, episode six)

Television (Full Length Episode) – 2007

For their fourth series, the intrepid Moon TV crew set out to tour New Zealand in mobile broadcast vans. The backbone of this episode is a roadside interview with All Black Richie McCaw, who takes in stride a dodgy satellite dish and questions from a viewer about swallowing the contents of a lava lamp. Elsewhere there are appearances by show regulars Hamsterman (who does a strange dance) and Speedo Cops (dealing to a dangerous runaway trolley) — plus a Dragon's Den take-off, in which a potential financier is impressed by a vacuum cleaner refitted to make coffee.

We love getting your calls. Think about them first though — we've had some stupid questions. Read them out to a friend okay.
– Leigh Hart, advising viewers to ask decent questions when they ring in

Key Cast & Crew

Generic Profile image for Brent Spillane

Brent Spillane

Editor, Cinematographer, Sound

Profile image for Leigh Hart

Leigh Hart

As: Hamsterman, Constable Scott, Dr 90210, Ted Masters, Composer, Director, Writer

Generic Profile image for Matai Johnson

Matai Johnson

Moon TV crewmember

Profile image for Jason Hoyte

Jason Hoyte

As: Chief Inspector Reeves

Generic Profile image for Daryl Habraken

Daryl Habraken


Generic Profile image for A.J. Johnson

A.J. Johnson

Moon TV crewmember

Produced by

Moon Enterprises


Moon Enterprises