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Film (Trailer) – 2022

In October 2007, the New Zealand police conducted 'Anti-Terrorism' raids on the Tūhoe community of Urewera, in an event that sparked nationwide controversy. Inspired by these events, Muru is an action-drama predominately in te reo Māori, with the perspective of the Tūhoe community at its core. Directed by Tearepa Kahi (Poi E: The Story of our Song, Mt. Zion), it stars Cliff Curtis (The Dark Horse) as a conflicted Tūhoe police sergeant, and activist Tame Iti as himself. Muru pitches itself as "a response", not a recreation. Producer Reikura Kahi calls it "a story which weaves the deep past and the recent present together..."

I remember 14 years ago watching the footage somehow on the TV3 news bulletin, and I remember thinking to myself 'what are those men in blue doing?' They were about to smash open the sliding door, and I remember also thinking that sliding door's open — if you want to talk to anybody in Rūātoki, the door is always open — all you need to do is knock.
– Writer/director Tearepa Kahi on the Tūhoe police raids, in an interview with Waatea News, 18 October 2021

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Jawbone Pictures