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Mururoa 1973 Television (Full Length) – 1973 Documentary

Mururoa 1973

Television (Full Length) – 1973 Documentary

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This was very interesting to watch and informative. Helped my research on the anti-nuclear movement for a school project.

Alice G

Alice G 22 Mar 2017 - 01.16pm

Kiaora Tena koutou katoa.

May Fernando Parerira forever be Our Sacred Southern Cross Star

A tatou whetu tapu Taki o Autaki Amene

Siena Denton

Siena Denton 15 Sep 2015 - 12.42pm

Very interesting production. The Pacific Peacemaker ketch also stopped at Mururoa Atoll where they were dis-masted (mizzen) by the French military and forced to sail to Tahiti with only a main sail with over 30 people on board including children. Once the Peacemaker arrived there the boat was impounded by the French creating a media storm of protest in Australia and New Zealand with striking of French shipping in Australia. Again and act of piracy on the high seas doing harm. The Peace Maker was released by the French with no charges standing yet the French managed to avoid any responsibility for the damages done. This was also chronicled in a feature film called the Voyage of the Pacific Peace Maker.
Currently I am still in the anti nuclear efforts 30 years later with a group here in Eureka California. Veterans For Peace is about to relaunch the Vessel 'Golden Rule' sailed by Albert Bigelow in 1959. They had the intent to sail down to the Marshal Island from Hawaii to disrupt nuclear testing there at the time. They were all arrested and imprisoned in Hawaii and never did get there. But the media exposure was so great that the end result was the Nuclear Test ban treaty of 1963. & for more information. The green peace movement used the water protest platform created by the Golden Rule in the creation of that organization. Green Peace International is a direct end result of the Golden Rules voyage of 1959.
It is truly and inspiration to be able to look back and see the continuing history on the high sea to rid or planet of this doomsday creation (Nuclear bomb and Nuclear power). Now more than ever the ending is most critical. We hope to have the Golden Rule in the water on June 20th given donations keep up with our expenses. 'Sooner or later the the war lords must fall! Sooner or later before they kill us all! More power to the Peace Makers!'. From the song Pacific Peacemaker.

Steve Nienhaus I was one of the Captains of the Peacemaker in 1985

Steve Nienhaus I was one of the Captains of the Peacemaker in 1985 23 Feb 2015 - 08.04am

Awesome documentary. Found it both interesting and helpful for my research project. Love the fashion back then!


Steve 11 Jul 2011 - 08.46pm

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