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Nancy Wake Remembered

Television (Full Length) – 2019

This documentary celebrates the connection between WWll heroine Nancy Wake and Aotearoa's Black Ferns, who won the 2017 Rugby World Cup in Dublin. Wake was born in Wellington in 1912; she was living and working in Paris when WWll broke out. She joined the French Resistance and earned the nickname The White Mouse by constantly eluding capture. Black Fern Charmaine McMenamin describes the huge influence Wake had on her team during their World Cup preparation — so much so, that they named the trophy Nancy. Included is footage from a candid 2006 interview with Wake, when she was 92.

When we were fighting, we were fighting. When we were not, we were drinking...we were drinking anything we could get, but I was very lucky, I realised I was lucky I was never captured by the Germans.
– Legendary Resistance fighter Nancy Wake remembers living hard during WW2

Key Cast & Crew

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David Blyth

Director, Producer, Interviewer

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Stephen Latty


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Jonathan Kinsella

Interviewer - Nancy Wake

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Jed Town


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Samantha Sperlich

Additional Editing

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Edward Larsen

Editor, Post-Production

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Produced by

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ILA Film Productions


David Blyth