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Hero image for Nancy Wake Remembered

Nancy Wake Remembered

Television (Full Length) – 2019

When we were fighting, we were fighting. When we were not, we were drinking...we were drinking anything we could get, but I was very lucky, I realised I was lucky I was never captured by the Germans.
– Legendary Resistance fighter Nancy Wake remembers living hard during WW2
I think, in retrospect that was really one of the bravest things...well, not brave but funny things I ever did during the war.
– Nancy Wake remembers her epic 72 hour bicycle ride through different checkpoints to connect with Resistance forces in the South of France
I knew how to inspire a man. You wouldn't believe it now but I was good looking in those days.
– Nancy Wake is candid about her 'methods' of getting through enemy checkpoints
I don’t see why we women should just wave our men a proud goodbye and then knit them balaclavas.
– Nancy Wake on women joining men in the WW2 campaign, New York Times, 11 August 2011
We'd be training and some days you have your off days. She was such a rock for our team through that campaign. We would be training and if it was rubbish our coach would pull us up and be like 'would Nancy be happy with this' and that was when...everybody would spur up and know that no, she wouldn't, so what do we do to rectify this...and that was the inspiration that we had during the whole campaign.
– Black Fern Charmaine McMenamin recalls her team drawing inspiration from Nancy Wake during their 2017 World Cup campaign