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Hero image for Nude Tuesday

Nude Tuesday

Film (Trailer) – 2022

I'm a horny cobra!
– Translation of guru Bjorn (Jemaine Clement) getting into the spirit of his intimacy seminar
Able to switch off their brains from thinking about what it was they were actually saying, the cast could focus instead on the tone and emphasis of the emotional exchanges between each other ... they were also able to speed up scenes they thought were too slow by literally just cutting out bits of dialogue, knowing that it wouldn’t have the remotest impact on the story.
– Writer Alex Ritman on the advantages of actors talking in a fictional language, The Hollywood Reporter, 12 February 2022
He was diagnosed with mild hypothermia ... so we did have to do a little switcharoo of the schedule for the next day and tell people that Jemaine wouldn’t be able to work.
– Writer and actor Jackie van Beek on co-star Jemaine Clement's commitment to movie Nude Tuesday, The Hollywood Reporter, 12 February 2022
It was horrendously early, and she was like, "get in the car, I need to see you in person’. So I did and she said: ‘let’s have all the actors speak in a fictitious language, and then we invite comedians to write the dialogue" ... And I was like "brilliant!”
– Director Armağan Ballantyne on writer Jackie van Beek's brainwave for Nude Tuesday, The Hollywood Reporter, 12 February 2022