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Hero image for NZ Story - Helena McAlpine, Living Every Moment

NZ Story - Helena McAlpine, Living Every Moment

Television (Full Length Episode) – 2013

I’m much more interested in the ‘what can we do right now?' Let’s go and blow something up! Let's go swim with some sharks! Let's go jump out of a plane ... see if we bounce!
– Helena McAlpine
She is wringing absolutely everything out of her life.
– Clarke Gayford
I had previously thought that I was invincible, but this time around I wasn’t…
– McAlpine, on receiving the terminal diagnosis
Learn from my mistakes, don’t be an idiot like I am. Look after yourselves. It’s really simple. Make the right choice.
– Helena McAlpine
This woman has always lived her life in the fast lane, I mean the very fast lane, and when she was diagnosed with terminal breast cancer, well you know what: it hasn’t slowed her down one little bit. She is relentlessly upbeat and determined to face this illness with courage.
– Shavaughn Ruakere
'I've just been told that I have breast cancer: what can you do to help me, and what on earth can I do to help you!'
– McAlpine's call to the Breast Cancer Foundation after learning that she had the disease
Cancer was tangible: there was a lump, you could physically feel it. Depression, and being that unhappy: you can’t physically touch it and cut it out or get rid of it. And I always thought if you could get through that depression, you could do anything.
– Helena McAlpine