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Hero image for Off the Radar - Is Modern Christmas Sustainable?

Off the Radar - Is Modern Christmas Sustainable?

Television (Excerpts) – 2008

Here's a toast to the fact that you've raised a son who now lives in a caravan in the middle of a paddock — you must all be so proud!
– Te Radar’s Christmas toast to his parents
Living in a field, going hunting, shooting and fishing, then coming back at the end of the day and having a fire-bath under the stars, while my dinner cooked in the mud oven — it can't get much better than that.
– Te Radar in The Dominion Post, 26 August 2008, page 5
I think it goes back to the thing of New Zealanders don't like people trying to be funny. We didn't try to be funny on that show. It was just funny, by dent of the fact that I was just not very competent at what I do.
– Te Radar on Off the Radar, in his extended interview for 2019 TV series Funny As: The Story of New Zealand Comedy