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Short Film (Full Length) – 2009

Parental Guidance
Bob Watt
Bob Watt
19 Jul 2013 - 11.06am
Brilliant and inspiring. Well done to the writer and team that created this little gem.
Adelle Smith
Adelle Smith
25 Apr 2013 - 09.57am
Why can't this kind of short be played on TV on Anzac day instead of soaps. This would be more relevant than emmerdale and the such.
Kevin Dunkley
Kevin Dunkley
16 May 2012 - 12.30pm
Very very good. Well done to all and you must be so pleased with the result. Hope it gets its just rewards.
23 Apr 2012 - 02.45pm
aw wata cute baby ! very good how those men saved it :)))
Sharon Matangi
Sharon Matangi
22 Apr 2012 - 10.51pm
very touching...I can't imagine how hard it was for our men who fought for us and then to come across children like poppy who were orphans..God Bless those the men, women and children from that era and to those who may still be alive today.
22 May 2011 - 04.13pm
So good! You instantly feel compassion for the characters.
28 Apr 2011 - 08.34pm
Tumeke! thanks for sharing your story.
26 Apr 2011 - 11.12pm
24 Apr 2011 - 07.55pm
That is fantastic. Brought a bit of a tear to the ol eye.
Carol van Kerkhoff
Carol van Kerkhoff
22 Apr 2011 - 09.54am
Thats just a beauty story for this writer's family to be proud of, lovely tale.
21 Apr 2011 - 07.03pm
A very touching film that has a feeling of reality to it.
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