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Queer Nation - Wellington Queer People, Queer Places, Queer Stories

Television (Full Length) – 2002

Michelle Geraldine Maher
Michelle Geraldine Maher
5 Jul 2010 - 07.23pm
I personally enjoyed your show it all took me back many years having been in Wellington during this specific period in time. I knew Carmen then and still do keep in contact with her in Australia. Carmen is a real New Zealand icon she paved the way for numerous gays, transexuals, etc. I remember the Royal Oak Hotel very well with the Bistro and Tavern bar where numerous gays and drag queens would hang out. Those were the days when you had 6.0clock closing and people would down as much drink as they possibly could before closing time. Carmens International coffee lounge was a wonderful hang out for all the gays, and drag queens in Wellington. Still remember the Dorian Society and particularly its founder Cees Kooge. There was a whole group of us that would get together on quite a regular basis. What great times we all had in those days now so long ago. Thank you so much for allowing me to share in this experience. Regards Michelle Maher (nee) Michelle Carr. Originally from Wanganui.
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