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Rangi's Catch

Film (Full Length) – 1973

...for the acting profession as well as the country in general, the film is something of a milestone – and we should gain plenty of tourist publicity from it!
– The Evening Post, 16 August 1973
I wasn't acting in that ... I was just playing. That was what [Director Michael] Forlong wanted. He told us not to try to act, just to be ourselves and concentrate on the action side of things. Although there was a script, he didn't seem too fussed about us learning it.
– Temuera Morrison, in his 2009 autobiography From Haka to Hollywood
Not only is Rangi’s Catch one of the best children’s films ever made, it is grand entertainment for people of all ages.
– Reviewer Catherine de la Roche in The Dominion (from her 1988 book Performance)
Safe as a bank, you just leave the thinking to me.
– 25.01 Escapee Jake (Ian Mune) thinks his plan to hide out in the Marlborough bush is working.
Escaped prisoners would find it pretty hard to live around here, unless they brought food with them.
– 23.14 Rangi (Temuera Morrison) on the news two escaped robbers may be hiding out in Marlborough
I'll be able to when I'm big.
– 13.30 Little Hemi (Vernon Hill) hopes to dive like his big brother Rangi (Temuera Morrison)
Hope you've got a nice bunch of scones there, Mum.
– Farmer Murray (Peter Vere-Jones) looks forward to morning tea after sheep mustering
Jane's just like having an extra man around, isn't she Dad?
– 1.00 Johnny (Andrew Kerr) praises sister Jane's mustering skills
It's a good thing you've got me with you, straight into the arms of the law, you need protection, that's what...
– 12.20 Jake (Ian Mune) lords it over fellow escaped prisoner Bill (Michael Woolf)
They won't catch anything there, that's the wrong place.
– 15.20 Rangi (Temuera Morrison) observes the hapless robbers trying to catch fish