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The Dairy Industry

Short Film (Full Length) – 1970

This 1970 documentary surveys New Zealand’s dairy industry — “probably the most advanced in the world” — from pasture to export. Dairying then produced a quarter of the country's income, but with Britain due to join the EEC, New Zealand was forced to seek new markets. This short film proclaims the industry’s readiness, thanks to an artificial breeding centre (with ‘calf-eteria’), room-sized computers, and cheeses designed for the Asian market. The country's 25,000 dairy farms were each owner-operated, and averaged 90 cows. The Dairy Industry won top prize at an agricultural film competition in Berlin. 

Each dairy farm — there 25,000 of them — averages 90 cows, and is owned and run and operated by one man and his family. Twice daily the cows are milked by machines that were designed in New Zealand, and are now used worldwide.
– Narrator Roger Hudson

Key Cast & Crew

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Jeremy Sykes

Director, Writer, Editor

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Ron Bowie


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Roger Hudson


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Kit Rollings

Sound Mix

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Graham Pomfret-Brown


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Hugh Macdonald

Narration writer

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