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Sailor's Voyage

Television (Full Length) – 2007

I think there's something about the chemistry in the band that keeps drawing us back to it. It's one of those rare things just where the personalities and the playing styles and various other things just feel good to all of us...
– Guitarist Harry Lyon
...We played for just over a year, which absolutely kicked our arses. Australia was tough, really tough ...By the time we came back in 1980 to do Sweetwaters ... we were sick, broke, tired, disillusioned, battered. We just needed a break. And I'm sure most working bands out there will know what that feels like.
– Graham Brazier on the band's year touring in Australia
...we were talking with several record companies. Then the money ran out, the band got dispirited, and a tour of Australia was being talked about. So they decided to come home, a decision I disagreed with.
– Ex Hello Sailor manager David Gapes, on the band's time in the United States