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Savage Play - Part One

Television (Full Length Episode) – 1995

In the first episode of this dramatic mini-series based on the 1888-89 tour of Great Britain by the NZ Natives rugby team, Pony (Peter Kaa from movie Te Rua) must leave his mother (Rena Owen) and grandfather (Wi Kuki Kaa), to join the side. His motivation isn’t just rugby related — he hopes to find his English father who he has never met. The Natives have an early supporter in an Earl (Ian Richardson of House of Cards) who is a rugby fan intrigued by the novelty of these “savages”. Meanwhile, his granddaughter (Liza Walker) discovers an interest of her own — Pony.

Their ferocious looks and midnight skins may startle you but they will be stimulating rivals for our local team. The unique Maori ...
– Earl (Ian Richardson)

Key Cast & Crew

Generic Profile image for Alan Lindsay

Alan Lindsay

Producer, Writer, Director

Profile image for Peter Kaa

Peter Kaa

As: Pony

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David Hannay


Generic Profile image for Robin Thomson

Robin Thomson

As: Durham

Generic Profile image for Paris Jefferson

Paris Jefferson

As: Violet

Generic Profile image for Gavin Richards

Gavin Richards

As: Kim

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