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Seven Black Robins Television (Full Length) – 1981 Nature Documentary

Seven Black Robins

Television (Full Length) – 1981 Nature Documentary

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When we filmed that very first robin being released there was just the sound man [Merv Aitchison] and myself, Brian Bell (the leader of the expedition) and Tony Billing (a Wildlife Service trainee). We saw the box lid open and the little bird flew out. Tony stood back and said, "Oh! Corker! Corker! Corker!"
– Cameraman Paul Donovan
I remember the nerves that came over them once they realised that they had that real black robin in their hands. Those guys changed, knowing what they were entrusted with and what was ahead of them. I recall Dick Veitch. Once they had that box with the bird in it, and secured it on his pack, he was just a different person. It was the awesome responsibility of getting that precious bird down that cliff and across.
– Cameraman Paul Donovan on the transfer of the birds to another island, in 1998 book Wild South: Saving New Zealand’s Endangered Birds, by Rod Morris and Hal Smith