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Hero image for Shortland Street - Maia and Jay’s Civil Union

Shortland Street - Maia and Jay’s Civil Union

Television (Excerpts) – 2006

On Valentine's Day 2006 Shortland Street featured its first civil union, between lesbians Jay Copeland (Jaime Passier-Armstong) and Maia Jeffries (Anna Jullienne). The ceremony was aptly flush with pink decor and took place in Parnell’s Rose Gardens. Alas it was picketed by Serenity Church protestors and the union later ended — after Jay had an affair … with a man! In 1994 Shortland Street had earlier broken mainstream ground for the LGBT community with a lesbian kiss, between Dr Meredith Fleming (Stephanie Wilkin) and nurse Annie Flynn (Rebecca Hobbs).

Most weddings have at least one hiccup.
– Maia (Anna Jullienne) anticipates the perfect day

Key Cast & Crew

Profile image for Anna Jullienne

Anna Jullienne

As: Maia Jeffries

Profile image for Jaime Passier-Armstrong

Jaime Passier-Armstrong

As: Jay Copeland

Generic Profile image for Caroline Bell-Booth

Caroline Bell-Booth


Generic Profile image for Jason Daniel

Jason Daniel


Generic Profile image for Libby Magee

Libby Magee


Generic Profile image for Jan Fisher

Jan Fisher

As: Marriage Celebrant

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