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Hero image for Sing Special - November 1975

Sing Special - November 1975

Television (Full Length) – 1975

Well Crazy D, this is a fine mess you've got us into this time. Primrose County jail, that's what your ideas have got us. And I tell you boy, if we're not hanging high by a gallows tree by high noon then my name's not — The Lone Woolf.
– Ray Woolf, locked up in prison
The rest of the songs that we have for you in this part of the show are about love, in one form or another, and I guess that's to be expected because there's been so many good songs written on the subject ... Love is age-old, it's universal. Love is beautiful. And well let's face it, where would you and I be, without love?
– Ray Woolf's introduction to the love section of the show